Introdude brand-new website builder plugin

Not just Fast but also Pleasant

KONG is a website builder WordPress plugin. It provides the entire frontend solution to fully build web pages in a not only fast but pleasant way.

Right UI for quick Interaction

Get fun while building layouts with your mouse. KONG user interface is designed to minimize confusion and meet your expectancy.

Multiple Weapons

KONG is the combination of four visual tools with consistent UI allowing to control your website from A to Z.

Header Builder

Visual tool allows you to build various kinds of responsive headers. From fixed one to boxed style.

Page Builder

Powerful builder tool helps you to create from simple to complex layouts with intuitive features.

Footer Builder

Visual tool provides a real-time frontend environtment to help you design responsive footers in minutes.

Live Customizer

Customize tool enables you to control your website's  global colors, typography, etc

Truely Unlimited Possibilities

To prove how flexible KONG is, we hosted 12 unique landing pages,11 different headers and 8 unique footers in just one domain website.

Transform Designs to Real Websites

KONG is flexible enough to help you turn your static design into the real web page.  Click the play button to watch the real action and do not forget to check the real page here.

Beautiful features fasten your building process

KONG is designed not only to eliminate the time-wasting tasks but also implement features to boost your interaction time.

  • Real Time Editor
  • Undo/Redo
  • Template Manager
  • Wireframe Builder
  • Shortcut Support
  • Layer Filter
  • Inplace Text Editor
  • Custom Hotspot

200+ Pre-Designed Cards

KONG is packed with 200+ pre-built crafted cards and presets for you to play as Lego within our visual builder tools.

Packed with free starter Theme

The plugin can work well with any Theme but we also provide KONG-Theme designed to work perfectly with KONG.

Bonus free extension

  • Contact Form 7 Add-on
  • KONG Porfolio

KONG Portfolio

A portfolio add-on is included in v1.2 to provide the grid portfolio archive and single page, plus three portfolio widgets for KONG page builder.

Read what users say about KONG

I hardly ever take time rating products but I made time for this one. Codecanyon makes you choose a main reason for the rating. I chose other because it's really "all of the above". Hands down this is the best plugin in the marketplace. I've waited long and hard for a replacement to Visual Composer (Now Page Builder). Ladies and Kong.


I've been using Divi and Elementor for quite a while now, but I'm impressed by this pagebuilder. Very flexible, quick and easy to work with. I hope this builder will be further developed, so it's is going to fully live up to its potential.


Build your website with KONG now

Along with this super product, you are also recieved our dedicated support plus constant updates and improvement.

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